Since 1981, Mario’s Coffee House has been an integral part of Melbourne’s coffee culture. Founded by Mario Bendoricchio as a specialty coffee and chocolate store in Hawthorn, he sought to bring a taste of Europe locally, particularly a Northern Italian approach to coffee. Mario’s Special Blend is a culmination of tradition, product knowledge and a passion for coffee; a blend perfected and rooted in Melbourne’s coffee conscience.

Now a modern private label, son Anthony Bendoricchio has brought Mario’s coffee House into the domestic and commercial markets as part of Mario’s Coffee Services. In conjunction with The Bean Alliance, a state of the art coffee roasting and distribution facility in Melbourne, Mario’s Coffee Service offers a vast range of specialty products and services

We are excited to extend the timeless virtues of our espresso journey with you. Cafes and businesses, large or small, are all welcome to enjoy the evolution of our premium brand and services for your unique coffee experience.

Now offering Licensed Partnerships! Want to own your own “Mario’s Coffee House”, send us an email on [email protected] for further details.


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