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Real Coffee, Real People


With the original name “Mario’s Coffee Candy”’ comes three different words, three different meanings but with one important common thread.

Established in 1981, Mario Bendoricchio’s vision was to cultivate the tastes and passions of Europe via a coffee shop. Creating his own special blend of coffee (which still has not changed to this day), Mario’s set the foundation for what is now widely known as a coffee institution. Originally combining fresh pasta, nuts, exclusive cakes and chocolates with the coffee, “Mario’s” over time became tailored to the specialities of coffee and fine imported confectionary.

In February 1993, Mario retired and his son, Anthony, took over. In different stages, Anthony created an extension of his father’s ideas by creating more seating and establishing a unique ambience and place to meet. Like father like son, Anthony developed his ideas by incorporating what he felt the customers craved. Before long, people of all ages, realms and positions in society came to meet in one informal surrounding, each character creating a uniqueness and identity.

People from far and wide have walked away with some memory of what is now known as Mario’s Coffee House. Whether it’s the great consistent coffee, the storytelling or the people you meet, rest assured that Mario’s will leave a lasting impression. A unique business and a part of life for so many, Mario’s still maintains the traditional coffee values of true European coffee houses. Our signature coffee “Mario’s Special Blend® Fair Trade” , is used widely in both domestic and commercial environments and continues to provide the very best in coffee experiences.

Our motto “Real Coffee, Real People”, encompasses our philosophy. It’s true that we are known as an institution of coffee, but there is more to Mario’s than just coffee alone! Coffee to us is a ‘variable’. It may be private, social, uplifting or simply a means for people to share conversation about any of life’s common threads. With Mario’s, you can take whatever you want from the experience … or just the smell and taste of a great coffee.


Mario’s Coffee Candy


Real Coffee, Real People

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